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What's special about this report?

The Abrasives Industry in Europe and North America is unique among market studies for this highly specialized technology.
  • No references to "non-metallic abrasive products" or other vague phrases
  • Shows products, markets, history, and trends for natural minerals and synthetic minerals including
    • conventional abrasives-aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, etc.
    • superabrasives -diamond and cBN
    • silica products such as tripoli and industrial sands
    • special minerals such as garnet
    • manufactured and recyled materials used as abrasives such as slag or glass
  • Written using a logical structure of the abrasives industry
  • Uses only data from a wide variety of verifiable public and private sources.
  • Effort of two professionals with histories of work within the abrasives and related industries-- see author biographies
  • Priced competitively lower than comparable studies
  • Published by a company with long history of studes in materials technologies